06 june – 05 July 2015

Fatma Sağ Tunçalp will be presenting her recent works as her fourth solo exhibition  titled “Looking For Dilmun” in Halki Theological School that is one of the most distinctive and impressive places in the world. The exhibition drives its title from a paradise imagination called Dilmun in Sumerian Miths
Dilmun as written in Sumerian Paradise Mith Tablets, is discribed as a beautiful, pure and brilliant country with wide green fields  and fruit gardens where there is no illness, senility or death. There is also no wildness; animals do not hunt and eat each other. Dilmun is an excellent place where there is pure happiness and peace. Halki Theological School is located on a hill called Hill of Hope - a hill surrounded by water, in an island. That situation contributes to strengthen the impression of the works as helping to imagine such an utopic place where there is pure love and peace.
This exhibition “Looking For Dilmun”  is a preliminary one of an exhibition series after making almost five years of contemplate. Because, the image of paradise carries lots of concepts in it;  (such as looking for eternity, rebellion, refusion, struggle, renovation, sense of belonging, immigration, new lands, hope, desperation, degeneracy, estrangement, decompassion, corruption, regeneration etc.) ;  the exhibition “Looking For Dilmun” as its title imlies;  makes references to a journey.
Artist generally uses two main materials in her works: soil and cement.; and produces some cracled surfaces as she has  usually done before. These works  are gathered  into four groups titled as;

Small World
Talking Portraits
New World

and presented for the audience.





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