Nazlı Pektaş

Powers define their practices of oppression and policies, and exercise their dominance on the body, they shape and transform it, but the body keeps on living in varied ways if it becomes self-deprived by exploding in itself.

The body, as the epiphany of sexual and racial decomposition created by various  areas of power that obstruct and restrict our flux of life, all that happens to it and the mark left on the body by the Sovereign unrolls in this exhibition with all its harshness. In Fatma Sağ Tunçalp's works, the skins reveal the obstructions they were exposed to in different ways, via the objects that penetrate them. In this revelation, the objects which tend to imprison the skin and encapsulate it are seen rock solid in the body they were buried in. The artist does not show the scars of the skin in the cage but wants us to feel its pain holding our breaths in a cage that encompasses us, too.

Bodies and faces made from clay, looking like stratified and having cracks are, with all their dramatic effects, the metaphore for the system's interventions that withers and shivers us, while the objects that penetrate the skin are the indicators of the social and physical limitations which constrict the body and its acts.

Fatma Sağ Tunçalp's works bring the viewers face to face with the cages of humanity. After being wrapped around the rigid reality of the objects which penetrate the skin, freedom gets hurled into unknown territories. The existence of powers that leak into our thoughts with all its propaganda beyond time and place also made freedom its own self. While the artist gives voice to this incarceration through clay skins and things piercing them, she reminds us of eclipses of humanity that drag us into nightmares, too.

The artist makes all the invisible cages, created by every kind of sovereignty, apparent to the viewers and tells the story of the tension and disintegration behind cages grabbing the attention of the audiance tightly.



ART350 Akaretler / Şair Nedim Sokak. No:13 Beşiktaş /İstanbul

24 Nisan - 25 Mayıs 2014