Nuray Karşıcı


At Fatma Sağ Tunçalp's exhibition "Boiler Room", visitors are greeted by one big face covered with insects. This first shocking scene which discomforts the viewers is followed by a corridor where four heads, covered with insects again, are located. The corridor opens out the doors of two formations. Nihility dissolving in the plurality where existence is questioned turns into insect infested human effigies on the walls. On the other hand, the other section full with larvae first appearing to represent birth/outset actually exhibits the larva's destiny to inevitably become a part of the system by means of the process it is going through.

Structurally, Boiler Room refers to our ceaselessly active minds. Our circle of life, created by the constantly working, producing, noisy, dark, labyrinthlike, and permanently transforming mindset is being materialized by Tunçalp's installations. Although the insects are exhibited as whole, the unfinished, shattered human bodies are the result of man's being surrounded by mind games, and the threatening indicator of the system/power. The artist holds a mirror to the self alienating human's face with those unpleasing insects while uniting the audience in the arena they all are part of through connotations.


ART350 Akaretler / Þair Nedim Sokak. No:13 Beşiktaş /Ýstanbul

24 Nisan - 25 Mayıs 2014